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Relic: Portable Threshold (orig D&D 3.0/3.5)
« on: March 11, 2018, 03:52:02 pm »
I've been using Relics in most of my D&D games for quite a while, although I always called it a "Growing Item". This is probably the most through write up I have for one of these, most of the others were just notes in spreadsheets, etc. I'll post more as I find them, if people are interested.

This item was from my Forgotten Realms - Heroes' Guild: Ground Floor campaign. The player was a Bard who wanted a more utility item, and was very finicky about keeping clean.  It goes without saying that her character was from the Starfire clan (see item). Humorously though, this was recovered from a group of goblins that had invaded the sewers. This item was written for D&D 3.0/3.5.

Portable Threshold
Description: The item is a wooden board about 6 inches wide, 1 inch thick, and 3 feet long. The long side of the board has signs and words carved into it in relief, such that if the board is placed flat on the ground, it could be read by someone standing next to it. The center of the board has a large symbol of a sweeping mountain spewing fire and a small glowing orb. Near the edges of the board are a myriad of mystic symbols. Framing the center symbol are the words “Well Come” and “Fare Well” in Elvish.

Use: When someone (referred to as the User) places the threshold on a stable and relatively flat and level surface, they can cause a shelter to appear. This is done by standing on the threshold and speaking the command word “Well Come”. The shelter will only disappear after sufficient time, or if the User stands upon the threshold and speaks the command word “Fare Well.” Several effects of the threshold are based upon the level of the User.

The shelter produced by the threshold will remain for 8 + User’s Level in hours. At the end of this time, the shelter will vanish, depositing anyone or anything still inside on the ground. This time period can be renewed if the User performs another activation before the normal expiration. This can done without causing the shelter to disappear first.

The shelter takes a form appropriate to its surroundings and the User’s choice. This can be anything from a “lean to” to a tent, to a cottage or small building. It will also be constructed of materials appropriate for its surroundings. These materials are for all intents normal, and the structure will resist damage as a normal structure constructed of these materials. Destroying the shelter will simply cause it to vanish as if the duration had expired or the command word was spoken.

The shelter has doors and windows as appropriate and desired by the User which are secured with simple cross bar latches. There is also some form of fireplace and smoke-hole/chimney (although fuel is not provided). For each 10 foot square of floor space, the shelter will also provide chairs, stools, or benches, a table, and sleeping accommodations, in the form of tick, blankets, furs, bunks, or hammocks, for two individuals. The shelter is normally a single room, but can be subdivided into separate rooms upon activation if the User desires it.

The structure is generally utilitarian in nature, and will generally appear as a typical example of its form. As a User becomes more familiar with using the threshold, however, they can begin to impart their own personality to the shelter, causing it to exhibit architecture or style familiar or pleasing to them.
The shelter produces a number of effects based on the level of the User. A User can always activate at least one of the following effects, and may activate one additional effect for every two character levels:

  • Size: The shelter fills a 10 foot square. This effect may be activated more than once to generate a larger shelter, up to the available ground space and a maximum of a 20’x30’ shelter.
  • Security: This effect will arcane lock and alarm all entrances and exists to the shelter, including doors, windows, and smoke-hole/chimney. In the case of the smoke-hole/chimney, it also provides a grate of appropriate material over the opening.
  • Assistance: This effect provides an Unseen servant within the shelter. This functions as the spell, and will take commands from anyone in the shelter. In the case of contradictory commands, the servant will do nothing, and the User’s commands always have priority.
  • Strength: This effect provides additional strength to the material the shelter is made from. While it will still appear to be made of leather, wood, earth, sod, stone, etc, the material will be much stronger. This effect can be used multiple times to further increase the strength of the shelter. Start with the material the shelter would normally be, and move once to the right each time the effect is applied: leather/cloth; earth/sod; wood; stone; metal/iron; metal/steel.
  • Protection: The shelter provides typical protection against the elements, based on its form and composition. This effect provides additional protection against the elements, specifically temperature. Each application of this effect will provide up to a 30 Deg. F. shift in temperature toward a comfortable temperature.
  • Camouflage: This effect will camouflage the shelter with its surroundings, requiring a DC 10 spot/perception check to notice the shelter.  Each additional application of this effect gives +4 to the DC.

Additional Effects for Starfire Clan Users: The portable thresholds were originally made by the Starfire Clan, and bear their mark. The first of these were personal items made for family members who traveled frequently, and had additional special effects that could only be activated by a member of the clan. One of these “Family” thresholds has the following additional uses and effects. These effects cannot be discovered by use of identify, unless it is being cast by a member of the Starfire Clan.

A Starfire Clan member can deactivate the threshold activated by a non-Starfire Clan User.

The threshold is always considered attuned to a Starfire User from an architecture and appearance perspective.

The portable threshold can act as a Type IV Bag of Holding, allowing up to 1500 lbs of gear to be stored in the shelter permanently. This gear will increase the effective weight of the portable threshold by 1/25 the weight of the items inside (max. 60 lbs). Placing an item within the shelter to be stored this way requires the User to stand on the threshold and mentally command the threshold to keep the object. Once this is done, the object will always be contained, until the object is taken out of the shelter. Taking a bag of holding or portable hole into the shelter causes no adverse effects (as the shelter is in “real” space). Placing a threshold that is carrying items within it into a portable hole or bag of holding will result in the same effect as if the threshold was a normal bag of holding. Having a threshold “store” a bag of holding or portable hole will also cause a similar effect, once the shelter is “collapsed.”

A Starfire Clan member can activate twice the normal number of effects per level (i.e. One plus One per level).

The following additional effects are available at the indicated levels. Activating them requires the use of an effect:

  • Bath (6th Level): A separate bathing room is included in the shelter. This adds an additional 10 foot square to the layout of the shelter, and requires sufficient ground space. This room will have the necessary facilities to allow the User to bathe, based on their style and predilections. This can include a bath of some sort (sunken pool; raised tub; etc), a shower facility (mechanical; waterfall; etc), an enclosed sauna, massage tables, etc. Each facility requires an additional effect to activate. This room also has a dedicated Unseen servant. The water used in the room will circulate and cycle clean, and can be adjusted in temperature at an occupants command.
  • Fuel (2nd Level):  Fuel for the fire will be available. For each effect used, 3 hours of normal fuel use will be provided. This is enough for basic cooking and heating during the period.
  • Food (8th Level): This effect will provide food-stuffs for one day for two people for each effect used. This is uncooked food, and it cannot be taken outside of the shelter, but is normal food in all other respects.
  • Water (6th Level): This effect will provide water for one day for two people for each effect used. The water will be located inside a barrel, bucket, waterskins or other appropriate type of container.

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Re: Relic: Portable Threshold (orig D&D 3.0/3.5)
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2018, 05:57:18 am »
Wow. Impressive and well thought out. 


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Re: Relic: Portable Threshold (orig D&D 3.0/3.5)
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2018, 07:41:23 pm »
 I really like this Portable Threshold! I may very well casually steal it for my game.  ;)