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Re: My Homebrew world of Eylus
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The Marin and the Empereyan

After the gods created the sphere and placed the moon and the sun on their courses in the sky, the 16 collaborated all of their creative energy to establish a world of unrivaled beauty (compared to what?  Who knows?).  The 16 were creators, fashioned and brought together by something else - the unknown one. 
Following the example of the one that brought them into being, they imagined co-creators who would work with them to bring definition and beauty to the world of Eylus. 
First came the Marin and of these the most beautiful and complex was the Krakken who helped to shape the floor of the seas and began to claim the edges of the great expanses of the water.  The Merfolk were also brought forth and they brought definition to the deep and worked in tandem with the other races to define and limit the reach of the water.  The waves crashing against a rocky coast is a divine picture of the first hints of greed and malice among the created.
Then came the Empereyan, the titans.  What are now known as Storm Giants, Stone Giants and Cloud Giants were formed and they imagined the heavens and the earth.  The clouds, the rain, lighting and thunder raged and helped to form the land and fill the might rivers and lakes.  These giant creatures were the mighty hands of the 16, molding the continents and negotiating their boundaries with the Marin.