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Genesys, Anyone?

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I'm getting hooked pretty hard on FFG's new Genesys RPG…anyone else?

I've fallen so hard I started podcasting about it. Lex, is it ok that I pimp my own 'cast on your forum?

Well, I hope it is since you already did. ;)

That uses the same system as their Star Wars game, doesn't it?

Yep, it's the same narrative dice system as seen in their Star Wars line.

They have made a few changes to it, but most of the nuts and bolts are the same.

How do you feel it works with a fantasy game? I'm still not sold on it for Star Wars, myself. ;)

I played two sessions in a fantasy game, and it went really well! I'm releasing them on my podcast, so if you want to listen to them you can.

The magic system is different from how the Force works in SWRPG and it works much better, IMO. A strain cost and a flat difficulty skill check like any other roll, no need for those awkward Force dice.

Heck, if you want I can run a one- or two-shot for you and some friends so you can try it out.


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