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Title: GMJ 206: Hinterlands of Elandria 03: The Last Village
Post by: Lex on February 19, 2018, 12:03:18 pm
Hinterlands of Elandria is a new D&D campaign set in Lex's homebrew campaign world, Primordia. Five years after the beginning of the Breaking of the World, the Time of Rifts and the Retreat of Humanity, a new team of adventurers leave the safety of the city of Elandria to explore rumors of a lone village somehow surviving in the Hinterlands to the east. Very few cities survived the Breaking, and it's believe no smaller settlements did. If there is a village out there, how has it survived on its own? The answer to this question could decide the fate of the thousands of refugees packing the streets of Elandria.

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