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Title: Faroth/Sing'jar World
Post by: jed_reynolds on March 31, 2018, 03:33:22 pm
So the campaign I just ended was in a homebrew 5e world that's an average D&D setting--no particular module I've read matches quite the setting I've made.

The island of Faroth is a hidden forge community of dwarves and gnomes that sell arms ( to the rest of the mainland. The dwarves are there because they were driven from the east side of the mountains where the lead and copper deposits were by extraplanar attack of drow and a red dragon. The last stone giant of the Sing'jar mountains helped them get established on the island and they were peaceful for a few hundred years until the red dragon and a fire giant came to vanquish him. Now, Sing'jar has just been through another invasion, and there's the scattered and mixed remains of the human, minotar ( , hobgoblin (, and sea elves (not aquatic elves) all re-establishing commerce on the mainland.

The next campaign starts 40 years after the attempted devil invasion and involves exploring forgotten dwarven realms underneath the Sing'jar mountains. Our two game groups will be split into competing exploring companies and probably encounter entirely different foes, above grouns (corruption) and below ground (who knows...)

Faroth map:

Title: Re: Faroth/Sing'jar World
Post by: jed_reynolds on April 09, 2018, 12:02:59 pm
More backstory about the mountains where my next season's campaign will take place:

Distorted dwarves, purple worms, and the remains of hill giants. Should I throw in some myconids?