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Please give me your ideas for a Guide to GMing by yours truly


Iíve had quite a few listeners encourage me to do a Kickstarter. Iíve also had quite a few listeners suggest that I put out tools to help GMs, especially new GMs, learn to GM and improve their class. I know that there are a number of resources out there for GMs, and Iíve perused many of them myself. However, looking at the topics Iíve covered on the show, and the topics I still want to cover, I think that I could produce a resource that would be something new in that it will be more detailed, more complete, and go into topics other resources donít.

Iím considering writing a book on how to GM. It will start at square oneóhow to get started as a brand new GM whoís never run a game before. It will cover beginning, intermediate and advanced topics. I think Iíd like to make it as game system-neutral as possible, however maybe you all would prefer a book focused on running D&D. The more I think about this idea, the more excited I get about it. I think we may really have something here.

Iím thinking this is something I would Kickstart. It would be a book available in both digital and physical forms.

Iím putting this forward to you, the community and fans of Game Masterís Journey, because youíre the perfect representation of the types of people most likely to be interested in a book like this.

I would really appreciate it if you would respond with your answers to the following questions and any thoughts or ideas you have. I think I could put together a pretty impressive resource for GMs, but with your help, I think we can do something truly outstanding.

1. Would you be interested in a book like this?

2. Would you prefer the book be game system-neutral, or would you prefer that it focus in on running D&D specifically? One idea I had was producing a game-neutral book, and then putting out a supplement for it specific to D&D. What do you think of that idea? I honestly wonít know which will work until I get further into the outlining process, but Iíd love to hear your opinions and what would work best for you.

3. What topics would you like to see covered in a book like this? What questions would you like answered? Please give me as many topics and questions as you have. My plan is to compile all your ideas to help me make the outline for what the book will cover. The more ideas you give me, the more comprehensive and complete this book can be. 

Finally, if you have any ideas for a good title, I'm all ears!

Thank you for your time! I really look forward to reading your responses. If you have a more extensive response, feel free to email me at, but it would be great if you posted the bullet points here so the community can see your good ideas. 😊

1.  I don't think it is possible to have too many how to DM/GM resources!  I feel like there is always something to learn.  There are a lot of handy ideas in your 200+ episodes and if you could condense them into a searchable resource then that would be pretty valuable.

2.  System neutral sounds ok to me.  I haven't GMed anything but D&D but they all have a lot in common.  The actually mechanics of how many dice you roll etc is an unnecessary discussion point. Can always make a D&D supplement for your GMing supplement  ;)

3. I am personally most interested in topics around running the game (at the moment) like:
      - Improvisation
      - Preparation
      - Player engagement
      - Adapting to player choices

4. The Game Master's Journey to Success

Great ideas! Thank you! :)


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