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UA 3-Pillar XP…uh, Experience?


I've recently started playing in a PBP D&D game and I was chatting with the DM about alternate XP options and I recall reading the Three-Pillar Experience UA from August of last year.

Does anyone have any experience using it? How does it hold up compared to the expected levelling curve the DMG suggests—and promptly ignores?

I haven't used it. However, if you're looking for alternate xp methods, check out the "checkpoint" xp system discussed in the back of Xanathar's Guide. It pretty much boils xp down to the amount of content players get through. I really like it, and may switch over to it myself.

I'll have to look into that. I keep hearing good things about Xanathar's Guide. Might be time for me to finally get my paws on a copy.


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